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I never imagined spending over 2,000 dollars on a pair of shoes; I believe most of you have just the same idea with me. But it is another thing with wedding shoes.

What matters most is to make sure everything is perfect to make me at my best instead of money. How could I make sure that I am choosing the right shoes just made for me? You need to know something in advance.

There are three main categories by the height of the heels to choose: the high heels, mid heels, and low heels. Different heels bring different effects. High heels look elegant and usually feature leather linings, padded foot beds, and adjustable buckles to enhance your looks. They are the most chosen kind on the wedding day; mid heels are fashionable but not too high nor too short. They will be good on any height a figure; comfort is the biggest advantage of low heels, for those who love to adore flat footwear, low heels should the best choice.

With a rough knowledge about the height of the heels of wedding shoes, you may got some mind of the category you may focus on. What you should remember is that, never choose a height of heels that you are not used to. Comfort is also quite important to make you feel beautiful.

Professionals suggest that there are some elements for brides to pay attention to. The first is venue. Make sure that you are choosing an appropriate shoe for your venue, for example, scandal is not a good choice if your wedding party is planed on the beach; color– the color you choose should be go with your wedding dress, and also, it can be a little unusual for your special; the embellishments, some jewels and beads will add extra glamour to your shoe style with their shine.

From my experience, brides should also notice about the season. Wedding shoes for different seasons should be different in colors and styles. For example, glamorous silver or gold would be perfect for summer but cold for winter.

I prepared two pairs of shoes for the accidental ruin or dirt of my shoes. You can do the same as me too.

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