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Wedding ring or an engagement ring is sign to your marriage or vow that you have taken. But with time passing this simple but important custom is watching a drastic change in its way. Most of all the change is perceived in the way of the contemporary use of a wedding ring or an engagement ring. Now women are wearing wedding bands like men do. It is totally for their safety, personal comfort, work comfort that anyone can take off his or her wedding ring time to time. It is up to her or him. Someone does not want to wear a precious metal or a stone in their finger or again somebody does not like to declare their marital status by showing a wedding ring in their finer. Now a day women are wearing their wedding ring on a chain around their neck.

Thus we are watching a change in the use of wedding ring. Now the change is also seen in the field of materials. This is generally made up of precious yellow alloy of gold, hardened with copper and Silver or tin and bismuth. Copper, silver, tin or bismuth is used to make the gold more durable and hard. Now a day a trend is that wedding ring cannot be made with out platinum or titanium. These are more durable and fashionable too. Platinum with white alloys of gold are demanding by the wedding couples. Slightly yellow white gold alloys which was used with gold is now replaced with cheaper nickel-gold alloy with a plating of rhodium. This can be cheap than before but it is it is not at all durable and good. As we have said earlier that titanium has become a hot element for making a wedding ring and every couple wants that. The reasons are its durability, affordability, and gunmetal grey color.

Tungsten carbide is also another metal, which is gradually picking its name in this list of wedding ring materials. With gold or platinum inlays tungsten carbide is used. The most inexpensive and common ring material is nickel silver. Now the most shocking and striking news in this ground is that couples are also considering stainless steel as the material for their wedding ring.

It is equally durable like platinum and titanium and can be molded to a finer finish than the metals mentioned before. But probable problem is that it corrodes over time and thus do not convey a sense of permanence. That is the same problem with metals like brass, silver and copper. The toxicity of aluminum and tin and carcinogenic nature of lead have made these metals not suitable for making wedding rings. Wood, stone and organic materials can also be used for decorations and adding more beauty to the ring.

But gold is and will be always every woman’s and mans favorite. Gold with diamond studied design is a perfect wedding choice. Not only diamond but also other precious stones like ruby, emerald and Safire are also worth of it. So the basic thing is not changed it remains the same.

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